Tana Mongeau’s Wedding Dress Designer Details How the By Liz Calvario? 2:22 PM PDT, July 29, 2019

It absolutely was a night to consider for Tana Mongeau!

After a whirlwind romance, the 21-year-old YouTuber and Jake Paul got married at Graffiti House in Las vegas, nevada on Sunday — with the bride looking ravishing in not merely one, but two, Glaudi by Johana Hernandez designs on her special day.

Tana instantly fell in love with the marriage dresses as soon on, designer Johana Hernandez, told ET over the phone a day after the nuptials as she tried them. On her behalf first look, Tana wore a curve-hugging all-white Veronica gown with lace detailing and a lengthy, floor-length lace veil. She then switched to a stunning ruffled Cindy ball gown that featured a white corset-style top with sweetheart neckline and a voluminous pink skirt that is ombre.

Now, Hernandez is sharing with ET details of how she and Tana created her wedding that is perfect day, the length of time it took to generate the dresses and much more!

Entertainment Tonight: Did Tana get in touch with you to definitely design the dresses?

Johana Hernandez: The dresses come from my current collections. The pink gown that is ombre Cindy, was designed for my Paris Fashion Week show after which the other Veronica gown I had during my other collection, and she loved them. I didn’t even have to create something new because she was obsessed with them. Tana is truly the bride that is first has ever worn the pink ombre dress, to ensure that was something exclusive to her. I worked along with her stylist named Tyler Lambert and then she came up to my store and she just loved everything. When she chose the dress, I altered it to her body, because all our dresses are available aided by the bride’s measurements.

Did Tana make any special requests, ask for changes for the dresses — or did she stick to the designs that are original?

No, she stuck with all the original designs and I thought that was beautiful because usually brides are actually specific, especially a hollywood bride, they would like to have certain details. Tana was very confident about herself. She loved everything. Literally, we tried in the the first dress, then a second dress and therefore was it. She did not try other things. She just loved everything and it also was so great. She was so easy to do business with and I loved that she liked to be extra. She just wished to shine and she likes shiny and sparkles, that’s why the first dress was perfect for her. It absolutely was still sparkly but elegant at the time that is same. It absolutely was form-fitting together with lace about it too.

I feel like if she could have been safe, she will have appeared as if every single other bride and she did not — and I believe that’s why everybody loves it. She actually is young so that it goes with her age. I made her dresses form-fitted because she actually is curvy, she is busty. She wanted her butt to look great, and so I did that on the dress that is first.

Did she always want two dresses?

No, it just came up because she loved them a great deal that she could not make her mind up, so she chose two. And it actually ended up being the color theme that she wanted, that was a blush color.

The engagement was just 30 days long, how time that is much you have to produce the dresses?

It absolutely was an extremely short time. The good thing was that she loved the collection and so I surely could rush it because I had to rush the current designs. It had beenn’t me, that was great because as a designer it’s a huge compliment for the client and the brides to love what you do like I was making something that was completely new and, to. In addition do custom-made dresses, but i believe if they love everything you get it done’s just very rewarding.

How long was the method from the consultation that is first the marriage?

I cannot really share that as it was so fast. The thing I can share is the fact that each dress takes about three to 6 months to make. To ensure is exactly what was great, that she chose a thing that had been through the collection and then all things are hand made.

How many dress fittings did she have?

Only one. Directly on the dot. Just one single and she just loved it. I already knew the thing I was going to do. I am doing this for a really long time. She was seen by you pictures, her dress was very on point, nothing was wrong using them. It had been just great, and her stylist Tyler was very helpful. He’s been working because he already knew her style and knew that I was the right fit for them with her for a very long time and that helped.

Did any one of her family or friends go to the fittings?

It was just Tyler and also the assistant. Her schedule is very busy and hectic. And so I closed the store on her behalf and she came in very early in the morning. She was so kind, grateful and excited.

Did Jake, her fiance, have any say inside her decision making?

It absolutely was just her. Needless to say, he’s not going to see anything ahead of the wedding.

How did she react when she tried the final dresses on?

It was loved by her! She was like, ‘I can not believe it!’ She was so happy. In the pictures when we’re both in the fitting room, clearly that dress was so big on her around the waist and she had been so happy even though it was not fitted. I loved beside what it is that she was a visionary, she sees it. Some brides can not picture the last dress on it without it being perfectly fitted, in order that’s why they do not choose a dress and go back and forth until it is perfect. And you also can not have it perfect until it is ordered by you.

Were there any hidden items that are personal to the dresses?

All my dresses have inside corsets and bras, so they snatch your waist. The ball that is big have an inside petticoat, so she was super comfortable walking although the dress is super extra from the outside. Everything is corset fitted.

What materials were utilized on both dresses?

On the ruffled one, that is English mesh and was hand dyed to be ombre and the ruffles are made and sewn by hand, so it takes months to complete all that work. The fabric doesn’t come like this, you must create it by dyeing it colors that are different. And for the Veronica gown, it had been a mesh with shimmer upon it and now we had an Italian embroidery that goes on top from it with beards and pearls. Her veil was also ours. Her veil had Swarovski crystals onto it plus it was a truly beautiful lace.

Did Tana have a vision on her behalf dresses or a look she was going for?

No, she really trusted me and trusted her stylist and went aided by the flow. She really loved it and there is never a doubt inside her mind that people are not the dresses. She was certain of them. Her bride story is amazing and she looked so fresh and good.

Due to the fact designer, the thing that was your inspiration when making those two dresses?

For me personally, personally i think like my brides are young and fun, but she actually is still sexy. For Tana, the dress that is first for a woman who aren’t afraid to shine, literally. She has her very own personal style, isn’t afraid to convey her personality through her wardrobe, and I also believe that’s really important for your big day. It is important on her to feel just like herself and that she actually is not a cookie-cutter bride. She is Tana, she is her.

The pink one, it’s just fun and various. Exactly the same thing, she actually is bold http://russian-brides.us/ but she is soft — and at the same time frame it is sexy because it gets the perfect quantity of cleavage and it has a brilliant train that is exaggerated. I’m just inspired by that girl who is not afraid to shine inside and outside.

Hernandez are going to be presenting her collection that is next Sept at the Ritz Carlton in Paris, France, for Paris Fashion Week.

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